ISCSO 2016

We are proud to be the sponsor of “ISCSO 2016”

The Sixth International Student Competition in Structural Optimization.
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/About Us


MİTKON is established in 2011 as one of the sister companies of Mitaş which was founded in 1955. We design and supply a variety of steel structures for 11kV - 750kV AIS and GIS Substations, and offer a complete steel chassis solutions for solar energy producers, power plants, Railway industry, Camera portals etc. in line with their requirements.


/Solar Steel Support Structures


MİTKON designs and produces galvanized steel structures for all kind of PV and CSP Power Plants. MİTKON is working with CNC controlled machinery, qualified welders, welding robots and wide knowledge of using jigs – fixtures for welded structures.


Besides PV projects, MİTKON will be pleased to share its CSP projects experience with investors for the future CSP plans of Turkey.


Knowing that solar power plants are long term investments, MİTKON continuously invest in research and development in this field in order to be the biggest steel structure supply partner for licensed and unlicensed PV projects in Turkey.



PV Panel Mounting Supporting Steel Structures

Our designs for photovoltaic panels mounting/supporting structures are cost effective and easy to assemble. We combine this knowledge with our expertise of supplying galvanized steel structures and finally serve high quality end products to our customers either for small scale projects or large scale Power Plants.


CSP Metallic Steel Structure

Different designs of Metallic Steel Structures (MSS) for CSP Parabolic Trough Solar Fields are also supplied by MİTKON with high precision, which is very critical for Trough Systems.




Solar Market; Turkey


  • 3000 MW installed capacity by 2023 ( Source: EPDK and Ministry of Energy )
  • EPDK started with Pre Licenses
  • Faster grow of solar investments after Final Licenses
  • Innovative Market for cell technology as well as mounting systems




  • Steel structures according to international standards with high quality
  • Design, easy to assemble for mounting
  • Supply of propper and sustainable solutions for all steps
  • R&D team for Solar projects
  • “Local Manufacturer Certificate” since May 2014
  • Steel Supply Capacity: 180.000 ton/year

MİTKON designs and supplies a variety of lattice, tubular, pole, wide flange or special design steel structures for substations and complete galvanised steel chassis solutions for solar energy producers, photovoltaic (PV) and concetrated solar power (CSP) plants.