ISCSO 2016

We are proud to be the sponsor of “ISCSO 2016”

The Sixth International Student Competition in Structural Optimization.
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/About Us


MİTKON is established in 2011 as one of the sister companies of Mitaş which was founded in 1955. We design and supply a variety of steel structures for 11kV - 750kV AIS and GIS Substations, and offer a complete steel chassis solutions for solar energy producers, power plants, Railway industry, Camera portals etc. in line with their requirements.


/Occupational Health and Safety


MİTKON acknowledges that the provision of a safe, healthy and secure workplace is fundamental to our business success and is an important demonstration of the respect we have for our employees.

MİTKON practices the following guidelines for its safety management:

  • Adopt risk management principles and practices to eliminate and control workplace hazards
  • Accept legal obligations to ensure workplaces are safe for employees, contractors, customers and members of the public,
  • Continuously improve health and safety performance
  • Establish standards of performance, objectives, targets and key performance indicators to measure success
  • Provide health and safety training to ensure that the knowledge, skills and competencies of our people are appropriate for their level of responsibility and accountability
  • Disseminate health and safety information, report on health and safety performance, and communicate to promote awareness
  • Report and investigate all incidents and correct system deficiencies

MİTKON is aware of the importance of making safety a core value that is reflected in attitudes and mind-sets on the ground.

Being aware of the fact that social responsibility, quality, environment, health and safety management are important indicators in today's corporate world, MİTKON pays utmost importance in implementing them in its business.