ISCSO 2016

We are proud to be the sponsor of “ISCSO 2016”

The Sixth International Student Competition in Structural Optimization.
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/Management Team


İlkay Özdemir SELÇUK

General Manager

Responsible for managing, coordinating and supervising the financial, legal, and operational affairs of the organization, and assuring that Company stays on schedule and meets or exceeds the goals. Mrs. Özdemir graduated from University of Selçuk as Civil Engineer Konya, Turkey in 1997. Her career at Mitaş Energy started in 1999 as design engineer. She continued her carrier as sales engineer after 2001. Mrs. Özdemir has held senior positions as Sales and Marketing Manager, Substation Group Director and Realization Director in Mitaş managing multimillion dollar contracts till the foundation of Mitaş group company MİTKON. Her career has encompassed Substation Projects throughout Europe, South America, North America, Middle East, Africa and Asia.


Project & Product Development Manager

Responsible for managing and coordinating product development projects, evaluating and resolving technical feasibility, design optimization, production issues and leading product development engineering teams. She joined Mitaş Energy in 2007 as design engineer. She became Deputy Technical Manager in 2010 at Mitaş Energy till establishment of MİTKON in September 2012.

Mehtap Kaçın TEKÖZ

Process Coordination Manager

Responsible for managing operating activities and manufacturing processes, supervising the work of production subordinates and formulating adequate safety policies that conform to industry standards. Educated in the Netherlands, a graduate of SAXION University with a Bachelor degree in 2005 and specialized in International Marketing Management. Mrs. Kaçın Teköz joined Mitaş Energy in June 2008 as sales representative. In 2010 she was named Team leader Marketing, the position she held until being named to her present position in September 2012 at MİTKON.

MİTKON is established in 2011 as one of the sister companies of Mitaş which was founded in 1955. We design and supply a variety of steel structures for 11kV - 750kV AIS and GIS Substations, and offer a complete steel chassis solutions for solar energy producers, power plants, Railway industry, Camera portals etc. in line with their requirements.